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WILLMAR – Willmar City Council has approved funding for three projects for the Willmar Civic Center and new Events and Leisure Centre.

At its April 18 meeting, council approved a project to update the civic center roof to meet code snow load requirements. Although there was money allocated for a roof project this year, the council also reallocated funds to address code issues.

When reviewing construction documents from 1981, LSE Architects and Marcus Construction found that the roof structure above the recreation offices, restrooms, officials’ locker rooms and storage area next to Cardinal Arena was under-engineered for the code required for the snow load, according to Parks and Recreation Director Rob Baumgarn.

It was also found that the construction documents for a 2006 infill project did not include reinforcement of the roof area to solve the problem, and the new construction of the events and leisure center will increase the load of snow on the adjacent existing roof area.

Improving the roof and bringing it up to code at the same time as the construction of the new event center will reduce costs for the city, Baumgarn told the council.

The council passed a resolution reallocating approximately $254,000 from the Blue Line Arena insulation project to the Civic Center roof improvement project, which will cost approximately $361,000. There is already $150,000 allocated in the 2022 capital improvement project fund for the roofing project.

The total budget for the Civic Center roof improvement project is approximately $404,000, with a 10% contingency of approximately $36,000 and special inspection fees of approximately $7,700.

Event Center PA System

The advice too approved the installation of a public address system for the events and leisure centre, which is part of the Invest in Willmar projects funded by the local option sales tax.

The sound system is not part of the initial scope of work, but takes about five to seven months for delivery of audio and sound equipment, according to Baumgarn.

He recommended ordering the equipment now to ensure an appropriate delivery time, so that installation could take place close to the completion date of the event and leisure centre.

The board passed a resolution approving a sound system agreement with Mid State Audio, which is the same sound system provider as Cardinal and Blue Line arenas. The system will work on the same iPad to control sound settings, according to Baumgarn.

The project will cost approximately $38,000 and the funds will come from the event and recreation projects provident fund. The current contingency budget for the event and recreation center project is approximately $372,000, and the project is 47.6% complete, according to Baumgarn.

A third project approved by the board last week was the installation of fencing around the grass fields on the Civic Center campus.

Council passed a resolution approving the project, which includes 3,200 feet of fencing with 12 gates installed and a lower railing.

The project cost is approximately $109,000 and the total project budget is approximately $120,000 with a 10% contingency of approximately $11,000.

This project is also part of the Invest in Willmar projects financed by the local option sales tax.


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