What to expect for Black Friday 2022 deals on headphones


Black Friday 2022 is approaching, and if you can’t wait to take advantage of the deals, we have good news; Sales are already starting to skyrocket! Outlets like Amazon, Walmart and Dell already have deals on some great headphones, and there will be plenty more going up before the event ends.

While the Apple AirPods are on sale, you can also already save on other Apple products and more, so be sure to check it out as we’ll continue to update all of these items as we go. as sales continue to increase.

Best Black Friday headphones deal so far

Bose SoundLink headphones II

Bose is a big name in audio gear, and the headphones you can get from Bose are amazing. Right now, you can save $80 on the SoundLink II and bring home an immersive experience for TV, music and more.

Bose is perhaps the biggest name in audio gear, and for VERY good reason. You’re paying a premium for super high-quality, immersive sound, whether on a soundbar, surround sound systems, or headphones. Right now, you can avoid paying that premium and still get the same high-quality product, and saving $80 on these awesome SoundLink II headphones is a great way to ring in the holiday season.

See our guides on best budget headphones and budget helmets to buy info.

Early Black Friday headphones deals

There will be plenty of Black Friday headphone deals, and you can already save big on sales from major retailers like Amazon’s Black Friday deals and Walmart’s Black Friday deals. You can save big on headphones from Bose, Apple and more. Whether you’re looking for gaming headsets, small headphones, and immersive headphones, there’s plenty of good stuff for audiophiles.

We’ll keep you updated on all the best headphone deals as they go live, so stay tuned our Twitter account for all IGNDeals, as well as this article (and all the others we publish), which we’ll update as long as the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals keep rolling!

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