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Universal Audio launches the Volt 476P & Volt 4 USB audio interfaces.

Universal Audio adds the 476P & 4 USB to the Volt line.

Designed for creative collaborators and bands who want to easily record larger audio projects with studio-quality sound, the Volt 476P is UA’s first Volt model to feature four analog preamps, with 76 Compressor and Vintage Mic Preamp modes. on each input channel. With expanded outputs for headphones, speakers, and outboard gear, the Volt 476P adds style with sturdy metal construction and vintage wood sides.

The interfaces also feature additional 1-input and 2-input models with iOS compatibility for musicians, songwriters, live streamers and podcasters. A UA exclusive, Volt’s tube emulation circuit allows users to dial in rich, full sound on vocals and instruments. Volt 76 models are also equipped with an integrated 76 compressor. This innovative analog circuit is based on UA’s iconic 1176 and features easy-to-use presets for adding clarity and punch to vocals, guitar, and other sources.

Along with an included suite of audio software including Ableton, Melodyne, UJAM’s Virtual Drummer, Marshall, Ampeg, and more, all Volts include a special 30-day free trial for UAD Spark, the plug-in service AU subscription.

Volt 476P is priced at $469; The Volt 4 is priced at $239.

iZotope presents RX 10 and Ozone 10.

iZotope’s popular Ozone and RX are seeing their 10th iterations.

iZotope has announced that RX 10, the industry standard for audio repair, is now available; Ozone 10, their flagship mastering suite, will follow on September 13. Both updates bring you tools with increased intelligence, making it easier and faster to achieve pro-quality results with confidence, while providing plenty of opportunities to customize sounds to suit your tastes.

Built on decades of research, RX 10 is the complete toolkit for audio cleaning in music
and audio post-production. From analyzing audio capture and production issues to
providing processing solutions, RX speeds up editing workflows, recovers bad sound
jacks that were once impossible to repair and deliver clear, reliable sound quality.

Achieving a professional master has never been faster than with Ozone 10. As powerful for beginners as it is for mastering professionals, Ozone has everything it takes to deliver balance and smoothness, punch and glue, warmth and grit. , and a feeling of space. to a mix, alongside smart technologies that help match the sound of chart-topping hits.

For pricing and more information on RX 10, click here; for pricing and more information on Ozone 10, click here.

Waves StudioRack can now host VST3 plugins from any manufacturer.

Waves expands the capability of the VST3 plug-in for its StudioRack.

With the latest update (V14) of Waves StudioRack, you can create, save and load complete plugin chains containing both your Waves plugins and your third-party VST3 plugins.

Third-party VST3 plug-ins work in Waves StudioRack the same way as Waves plug-ins: you can assign all your plug-ins to macros for quick control of multiple plug-in parameters simultaneously. You can turn any plugin, Waves or non-Waves, into a powerful multiband tool, using StudioRack’s multiband splits. And you can create instant parallel chain splits, using any of your Waves plugins as well as other VST3 plugins.

With the new Waves StudioRack, all the power of sound creation is in your hands. Get StudioRack for free and use your entire VST3 collection in powerful chains.

Heavyocity Presents FOUNDATIONS | Synthetic bass.

Heavyocity adds Synth Bass to its growing FOUNDATIONS series.

FOUNDATIONS | Synth Bass is the next entry in Heavyocity’s brand new range of free virtual instruments. FOUNDATIONS | Synth Bass is a stimulating introduction to the cinematic low end. Featuring the thick tones of analog synth paired with an expertly crafted, growling layer of sound design that is presented in a highly customizable interface — FOUNDATIONS | Synth Bass provides a fundamental starting point to build your story from the bottom up.

As an instrument “powered by Kontakt”, FOUNDATIONS | Synth Bass offers full playback and sound shaping functionality via the full version of Kontakt 6 or the free Kontakt 6 player.

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