The iPhone 13 will apparently feature a 120Hz display with an always-on mode


More news on what to expect from the iPhone 13: Apple’s next smartphone could have an always-on 120Hz display, according to Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman. 9to5Mac reports that Gurman made this claim in his “Power On” newsletter.

An always-on display would mean – like with the Apple Watch – that you could see the information at a glance without having to wake the phone. This information can include weather, time and even messages and notifications. Always-on screens have been a feature of Android phones for years and are long overdue on the iPhone, but Apple has so far resisted the implementation.

Perhaps it has only now reached a point where an always-on screen doesn’t drain too much of the battery. Although the fact that Gurman describes it as an “always-on mode” suggests that it could be turned off, which in turn suggests that it would impact battery life.

The second part of the rumor is less surprising. We’ve been hearing rumors of a 120Hz iPhone for quite some time now, and even with mid-range smartphones with this feature, Apple would be looking a bit late if it didn’t increase the refresh rate of its upcoming models. .

The iPhone 12 range has 60Hz displays, so this upgrade would represent a doubling of the refresh rate. A higher refresh rate means less blur and better rendering of fast moving content like sports and games.

Apart from that, Gurman also believes that the iPhone 13 will have a faster chip, a smaller notch, and better battery life. The chances of all of this are high.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 13 in September, in line with previous years (except last year). We will bring you a lot more news, leaks and rumors before then.


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