Swedish House Mafia, IKEA designed your next hi-fi rack


The Swedish House Mafia may not be your musical cup of tea – it certainly isn’t mine – but the EDM supergroup will soon improve the landscape of audio furniture. Let me explain…

Tens of thousands of vinyl lovers around the world already use IKEA’s KALLAX storage cabinet in its various versions to store their records. You don’t have to go too far on Instagram to see vinyl enthusiasts storing their records in, say, a KALLAX 2 x 4 unit with their turntable and amplifier – and sometimes speakers – placed on top .

The success of KALLAX can largely be attributed to one key factor: price. A 2 x 4 unit can be purchased for $69 and each 33cm (13″) x 33cm (13″) storage “cube” can hold up to fifty discs and/or small audio equipment. But with a width of 44 cm, full-width hi-fi components are prohibited. This means that any full-width hifi hardware must sit on top of the unit, and a 2 x 4 can only fit a maximum of two components. This is a limitation that has kept many of us from relying on KALLAX for our vinyl. and storage of hifi components.

So far.

Swedish House Mafia have collaborated with Swedish furniture maker to remix the 2 x 4 KALLAX for a new product called OBEGRÄNSAD – see header image above. The unit has been extended vertically to include a pair of additional 66m wide racks for amplifiers and/or other audio equipment. I think: integrated amplifier in one, network streamer based on Pi + DAC in the other and turntable and phono preamplifier placed on top. Bedroom bangers wanting to load the top plate with a pair of turntables or CDJs will also appreciate the unit’s extra height.

The OBEGRÄNSAD shelving unit is expected to start shipping in October, but prices are yet to be confirmed.

More information: IKEA


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