Surf Curse on Magic Hour Hi-Fi Experience: Interview


curse of surfing almost named their new album “Milky Magic”. During recording sessions at Electric Lady Studios in NYC for the rock band’s fourth album magic hour (released Friday, October 7), frontman and drummer Nick Rattigan walked past a wall of graffiti with the words “magic trick” written on it, and suggested the phrase to his bandmates as a potential album title.

“Everyone was like… ‘ehhhhhh’,” Rattigan says Result, before explaining that the “magic trick” became the “milky magic”, a guide to how they wanted the record to sound.

“There is a sweetness, a freshness. It’s silky,” adds founding guitarist Jacob Rubeck, with fellow guitarist Noah Kohll confessing that he “had this whole thing where I was trying to get producer, Chris Coady, to say, ‘milky,’ sonically, at least twice a day.”

This cohesive, smooth sound and spirit is what characterizes the best songs of magic hourSurf Curse’s debut album as a quartet, with Kohll and bassist Henry Dillon joining the lineup.

Although Surf Curse’s latest album, 2019 is dazzling paradise surrounds youwas the most hi-fi band they certainly upped the ante with magic hour, which is also their first album for Atlantic Records. The expanded lineup and Electric Lady sessions come on the heels of Surf Curse’s dormant hit “Freaks,” a cut from their 2013 debut that saw further success on TikTok last year. But fans of the “Freaks” DIY spirit will certainly appreciate magic hourthe vibrant energy of , especially tracks like singles “Sugar” and “TVI”.

Although Surf Curse has never lost the post-punk intensity that can both lull you to sleep and startle you awake, there is a new tenderness – a “lactivity”, according to the band – that characterizes Magic hour. “Love is tender,” Rattigan says, “and I feel like we can say we love each other.”

The camaraderie between the band members is palpable and endearing, and they seem to be on one another’s wavelengths on and off stage; that being said, the band took the main stage at Coachella this year dressed as characters from The Wizard of Oz, which was no doubt a fun choice… except it was about 96 degrees in the scorching desert sun, and Rattigan’s lion costume seemed to give him heatstroke behind the drums. “A couple of songs that I was like, ‘That was a huge mistake,'” Rattigan says, before sharing that they all took after Dillon’s choice to wear Dorothy costumes for their set of the week. -end 2.

Before the release of magic hour, Result caught up with Surf Curse ahead of their exuberant set while on the field at this year’s first Primavera Sound Los Angeles – a festival in the band’s hometown – to discuss the new album, festivals and more. Read the full questions and answers below.


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