Spotify HiFi’s hopes are growing frustrated as the year draws to a close


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The original story (published December 08, 2021) follows:

Earlier this year in February, popular audio streaming service Spotify announced that it would be bringing Spotify HiFi in the coming months. They said the feature will roll out sometime in 2021 for premium subscribers in select markets.

Spotify HiFi will allow subscribers to listen to their favorite songs in CD quality and lossless format and enhance the overall user experience.

But months have passed and there is no update from the company regarding Spotify HiFi. Premium subscribers are now increasingly restless wondering if the feature will be available before the end of the year.

Additionally, Apple jumped on the bandwagon already in June and joined Deezer, Amazon, and Tidal who already offer lossless audio.


What happens with this feature/service offering? Just received a nice pair of Sennheisers which I hope to associate with high quality sound. The problem is that I don’t want to switch to another service and I can’t find any information about Spotify HiFi. Anyone have any ideas or want to speculate?

For example, how long has it been since Spotify HiFi was announced and even with the “holiday season” approaching, there still doesn’t seem to be any sign on the horizon of a release date. I left Spotify earlier this year in search of higher quality music, and after dabbling with Tidal for a while, I switched to Amazon Music due to the high price of Tidal, and to be honest , Amazon has much higher quality tracks and is cheaper, but my god it’s abysmal to use.

They also added that the

The PC app UI, and for some part the mobile UI, is just awful and unintuitive, and the auto-generated recommendations and playlists are just… abysmal, and that makes me miss Spotify too much , which is super frustrating that their long-announced upgrade into the modern era of music streaming didn’t even bat an eyelid. Seriously Spotify, when will you take my money? Just release HiFi already or at least start an update. Please I miss you.


This led users to wonder if Spotify completely forgot about the feature or if the feature was still under development.

There is a small chance that Spotify will make Spotify HiFi available as a Christmas present. Either way, we hope the streaming service breaks its long silence and gives subscribers an update on how long it will take for Spotify HiFi to release.

That being said, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the matter and updating this article as needed. In the meantime, be sure to share your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

Update 1 (December 22)

STI 10:51 a.m.: One of the frustrated users has since contacted Spotify about the lossless quality issue and it’s clear he has no significant news to share.

spotify lossless

Update 2 (January 10)

IST 6:16 p.m.: In response to user questions on Spotify Hi-Fi, the company said it currently has no timeline details to share as to when it will arrive. More on that here.

Update 3 (October 20)

STI 10:51 a.m.: Spotify HiFi streaming could finally be launched, but not as much as expected earlier. It could be part of the new $20 “Platinum” tier with other added benefits. More on that here.

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