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It’s time to get active in the great outdoors. Here are the five most important considerations when buying a pair of sports headphones.

The weather has finally turned, and it’s time to get out and shake off winter’s hibernation. Exercise isn’t everyone’s bag, but a good tune played in your ears during a workout can give you the boost and inspiration to overcome pain and reach your goals. But when choosing the right pair of sports earphones, there are only five things to consider – check them off the list and you can’t go wrong.

Wireless or true wireless?
Yes, this one can be a bit confusing. Think of wireless headphones as a necklace with an earbud on each end, which was once the technology favored by runners and athletes. And then came true wireless. True wireless is precisely what the name suggests – the headphones are individually powered without cables. If you ask us, that’s true wireless all the way.

All ears are a different shape, and the manufacturers make provision for this by providing a selection of different sizes of gel buds in the box. A good fit is vitally important – you don’t want heads rolling during a run. Sport headphones were designed with movement in mind, and as such some feature wingtips to extend firmly into the earlobe or hooks to fit over the ear to prevent buds to break off.

Water resistance
Sweat will flow when the heat is turned up during a workout. IP ratings cover dust and water resistance. The higher the rating, the better the protection, so if excessive sweating or bad weather is a factor, aim for a high number.

Battery life
Lithium batteries have come a long way to provide long life and offer between five and 12 hours of use from a single charge (sometimes more). Plus, earbud storage cases typically hold two to three full charges, so you can count on consistent music even if you’re running an ultra-marathon.

No matter how in the “zone” you are, at some point you’ll want to skip a track, turn up the volume, or take a call. You don’t want to keep reaching for your phone, so that’s where intuitive controls come in, and most headphones now offer the convenience of touch controls.

Ready to tune up and train? These are our three recommendations that suit all budgets.

Jabra Elite 5
• True Wireless: Yes • Battery life: 7 hours in headphones. 21 hours in the charging case. • Touch control: physical buttons • ANC: yes • Bluetooth: 5.2 • Rating: IP55

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Sennheiser Sport True Wireless
• True Wireless: Yes • Battery life: 9 hours in headphones. 27 hours in the charging case. • Touch control: Yes • ANC: No • Bluetooth: 5.2 • Rating: IP54

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Bose Sports
• TW Headphones • True Wireless: Yes • Battery Life: 5 hours in headphones. 10 hours in charging case. • Touch control: Yes • ANC: No • Bluetooth: 5.1 • Rating: IPX4

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