Spider-Man fans compile video of surprising No Way Home star denying they were in the sequel


This story is about to get into a huge spoiler for Spider-Man: No Path Home. For real, if you haven’t seen the movie yet and still want to walk into the sequel knowing as little as possible, back off. This is your last chance.

Turns out Andrew Garfield was the werewolf, after all. Likely due to contractual obligations and threats to his family and friends (those Kevin Feige sniper memes are the real deal, folks), Andrew Garfield has spent huge chunks of 2021 denying in public interviews that he was going to appear in Jon Watts’ Spider-Man: No Path Home. And it was incredibly convincing, to the point where I personally began to believe that Garfield, as well as Tobey Maguire, would be sitting down. No way home outside… despite all the rumors to the contrary. Want to relive all these classic denials? A Spider-Man fan returned and compiled them all into a montage of deviations. They’re fun, looking back.

Correct lying flat. To everybody. Again and again. And yet, who is really going to get mad at Andrew Garfield? He was protecting us from one of the greatest secrets in Spider-Man history, keeping the revelation that Spider-Man: No Path Home brought back the original Spider-Man cast and used them in a way that moved the narrative forward. As you probably already know (if you’ve come this far down in the story), Tom Holland’s Peter Parker introduces previous Spider-Man characters to the MCU when he asks Doctor Strange to cast a spell that erases his identity from people’s memory. It backfires, and anyone who knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man enters Holland’s universe.

It’s quite ingenious and possible only because of the foundations that were built in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It would have been unusual for a version of Doctor Strange to suddenly appear in Maguire or Garfield’s versions of Spider-Man, mainly because those worlds did not have access to the stable of Marvel heroes.

Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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But reverse the formula and send Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield to the MCU? Fair game. And it has worked incredibly well. Even with Garfield lying to us all the time, promising it wasn’t going to happen… until it did.

In the wake of the success of Spider-Man: No Path Home, fans seem to be showing a new appreciation for Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Peter Parker. To the point where there are now online petitions asking for Garfield to continue as Sony Spider-Man, with Tom Holland continuing as MCU Spidey (in that perfect costume). Will this happen? Does Garfield even want this to happen? We don’t really know. And if we ask him, he will probably lie to us.

Spider-Man: No Path Home broke through $ 700 million at the global box office and is only just beginning its run. $ 1 billion is inevitable, and $ 2 billion worldwide seems possible, with very little competition on the horizon. If you feel safe enough, go see him. It’s a special movie.


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