Samsung is the king of television in South Africa


Although several television brands are among the most popular in South Africa, one name consistently tops the sales lists of retailers and distributors – Samsung.

The company’s dominance in South Africa makes sense given its cutting-edge display technology, reputation as a manufacturer of high-end home appliances and strong brand recognition.

A recent survey of 1,869 MyBroadband readers revealed that Samsung was the most common television brand in South African homes, followed by Hisense and LG.

Other popular brands include Sony, Sinotech, JVC, Skyworth and Telefunken, while a handful also said they own Toshiba and TCL sets.

The bar chart below summarizes the results of the survey, in which Samsung TVs were owned by 38% of readers surveyed.

Samsung is not only the biggest TV brand in the world in terms of sales, but also one of the biggest display manufacturers.

Some avid iPhone users might be shocked to learn that their phone’s screen is probably made by Samsung.

According to a recent report by display analyst Ross Young, 82% of iPhone 14 models sold worldwide have a Samsung display.

Its recent introduction of QD-OLED technology has also impressed display experts with its ability to deliver the high brightness of LCD TVs and the color accuracy of OLED.

Samsung offers a solid range of sets and generally strikes a good balance between performance and price.

MyBroadband surveyed South Africa’s leading TV distributors and retailers on their top-selling TV models as of September 2022 to verify some of our findings.

We were also curious to learn more about local panel technology and sizing trends.

The comments received were largely correlated to the data collected during our survey, as shown by their responses below.


Game said its high-end TV panels were doing well, while sales of clever models were also developing.

The retailer’s top five selling TV brands in September 2022 were Hisense, Samsung, Telefunken, LG and JVC. 58 inches65 inches and 50 inches were the most popular sizes among her customers.

The retailer said its overall TV sales had been “positive” in the year so far and it expected demand to pick up ahead of the FIFA World Cup.

Expert stores

Expert operates over 40 stores in South Africa including Klopper, Tafelberg Furnishers, Diamond Corner, New World and several other smaller retailers.

The five biggest sellers of September 2022 from Expert Stores were:

  1. Samsung
  2. LG
  3. Skyworth
  4. JVC
  5. Toshiba

Notably, Expert Stores does not sell any Hisense TVs.

Although he couldn’t give an exact number of units, he did reveal that Samsung accounts for over 80% of its distribution sales and over 65% of retail sales.

The most popular screen sizes among its customers were 55, 65, and 75 inches, showing that customers are turning to larger screens.

Additionally, he observed an increasing number of customers choosing QLED TVs over standard LED-backlit LCDs.


Makro told MyBroadband that its top-selling TV brands for the year included Sinotec, Hisense, Samsung, LG and Skyworth, in no particular order.

It has seen more and more customers opt for larger panels, with 55 and 65 inch TVs being very popular.

Makro has also recently relaunched its Maxdorf brand to offer customers entry-level options in 32, 39 and 50 inches.

Amazing Connection, HiFi Corp and Everyshop

JD Group would not provide specific details on its TV sales in September 2022 or the year in general.

Instead, he directed MyBroadband to its weekly Incredible Connection and HiFi Corp catalogs to get an idea of ​​its top-selling models, as well as Everyshop’s “Promos” page.

Incredible Connection’s latest weekly catalog featured the following TVs:

  • 3 Samsung UHD televisions — 43 inches, 50 inches, 65 inches
  • 2 Sony UHD televisions — 55 inches and 65 inches
  • 1 Hisense 65-inch UHD TV
  • 1 Skyworth 32-inch HD-capable Android TV

HiFi Corp did not have a catalog of specific offers, but its extensive range includes the following brands:

  • Hisense
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • sansui
  • Sinotec
  • Skyworth
  • sony

The Everyshop Promos page did not list any TVs at the time of our visit on Monday 10 October 2022.

take a lot

South Africa’s largest online store – Takealot – says it has the widest range of TVs of any retailer in the country.

It lists more than 300 models from nearly 30 manufacturers, with sizes ranging from 17 inches to 86 inches.

Takealot told MyBroadband that its top-selling brands for September 2022 were:

  1. Samsung
  2. Hisense
  3. Skyworth
  4. Toshiba
  5. Sinotec
  6. LG

Takealot’s most popular sizes during the month were 75, 65, 55, 50, and 40 inches.

“We’ve seen the commoditization of larger TVs and smart TVs,” Takealot said. “Instead of selling 32-inch and 40-inch TVs, everyone wants bigger units.

Additionally, Takealot said smart TVs outsold non-smart TVs considerably.


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