RTS plays important communication role in ICC T20 Men’s Cricket World Cup


As Australia were crowned the new ICC T20 men’s cricket world champion, events from the historic final against New Zealand at Dubai International Stadium were broadcast around the world through intercoms RTS.

Due to a difficult COVID-19 situation, the month-long tournament has been moved from its original host country, India, to Oman and the United Arab Emirates and broadcast from various stadiums in both countries. To make production as smooth as possible, three teams and four fly-packs were deployed to deliver the same production values ​​at each site.

“We had to deploy 51 RTS keyboards with a mix of legacy RTS equipment and KP-4016 panels,” explains Communications Engineer Michael Southgate. Using wide-angle TFT screens for quality resolution and longer lifespan, KP series keyboards have been used in various areas, including the main broadcast control room and commentary production area, as well as set-up facilities and match officials’ areas. Delivering enhanced digital audio quality, free from noise, delay and other artifacts, RTS panels ensure all communication is crystal clear, ideal for a live sporting event.

At the heart of the system is the ADAM matrix framework, providing fully redundant communication with dual-purpose ports for keyboard and four-wire audio. The Modular Matrix Intercom uses a patented Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) technique, which means it grows linearly as more users are added. For the purpose of live streaming, the ADAM system supports redundant controllers, allowing automatic failover in the event of a failure.

The combined RTS system ensured flawless production at the various sites. OMNEO’s IP-based multimedia networking architecture meant the solution could be easily combined with other elements of the workflow, such as the audio console, and every team member could benefit from crystal-clear communications. .


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