Products of the week: a wireless Hi-Fi speaker, moccasins with notched soles and a great slide


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Every week, our inbox is filled with news on gear, clothing and tech news from around the world. In this feature we will analyze the best of it. Today: McIntosh goes wireless, Blackstock and Weber protect their moccasins from winter, and Shinola is teaming up with Northern Toboggan for a special outing.

Rowing blazers

Aviron Blazers x Babar Fait Du Ski

If you can’t understand the allure of a ski team-theme around Babar went skiing, we really don’t know how to help you. Yet another elite addition to Rowing Blazer x Babar’s growing collection, the Skiing The capsule pays homage to the following trends with a variety of offerings, from the signature Cashball jacket and Team Patch mittens to the iconic Rowing Blazers Rugbies in the collection’s solid, vibrant red and blue hues. The set is very chic; Brunhoff would certainly be proud.


Audio-Technica ATH-SQ1TW Wireless Headphones

These funky little headphones from Audio Technica caught our eye for a number of reasons: They’re the perfect size, under $ 100 (you can pick up a pair right now on Amazon for $ 80), and have a battery up close. from 20 hours. lifespan (with charging case, of course). In addition, Japanese-made headphones are unusually square. We love them !


Collection of burrow fields

Our editors had a lot of good things to say after testing Burrow furniture, the Nomad and Range collections, the former with a traditional design, the latter significantly more modern. Now the company DTC has introduced a third option, the Field collection, which divides the difference aesthetically. Fortunately, this is the same modular construction that can be had in dozens of configurations, which we have always appreciated.



Half of Hollywood’s weirdest “it” couple, Machine Gun Kelly (aka Colson Baker) recently launched their new line of genderless nail polish UN / DN LAQR. The launch follows a recent trend for male celebrities to release beauty and nail care products, including the boy band’s favorite member turned cultural and style juggernaut Harry Styles. The MGK line, however, includes some pretty dope undertones, we have to say, including a hot pink called “Party Favor” and a bright orange called “Twenty Five To Life”. (The nail polish names don’t disappoint.) Unfortunately, the entire line is already sold out.

Blackstock and Weber

Blackstock and Weber The Mason Vibram Lug Sole Mors Mocassins

We really wish we had moccasins that we could wear in the winter… oh my God, moccasins that we can wear in the winter! The new Blackstock and Weber brand shoes are as durable and sturdy as they are timeless, with supple grained leather, a dazzling horse bit and an all-terrain Vibram sole that makes for a slush ride in New York City in the park a … well, a walk in the park. Get yourself a pair and keep the adjustments coming no matter what the conditions.

Bird well

UNDONE x Birdwell “Birdie” 60th Anniversary Watch

60 has never looked so good. Birdwell is celebrating its anniversary with a very exclusive UNDONE collaboration, a classic, well-dressed, “Birdie” style diver’s watch. Drawing on the brand’s Californian-inspired charm, the Anniversary watch features a black dial, a tone-on-tone NATO strap and the “Birdie” iconography launching a shaka, the Hang Loose sign, with its arms acting as minute and hour hands. How’s that for the tubular?

Hot ones

Hot ones Jr. The Green Hot Sauce

Are you looking for a way to punish your children? Or maybe you just raised a little spice head (no, not that kind of spice head, nor that one either). The Hot Ones Jr.’s “The Green” Hot Sauce, created by the cult YouTube channel, is the very first (self-proclaimed) hot sauce for kids, proving once again that in fact the majority of adults have little. to no idea of ​​children at all. All kidding aside, “The Green” is made with healthy ingredients and super sweet jalapeño, which means it’s easy to try and exciting for the little ones to try. Try it with your spawn, or maybe just your normal group of middle aged kids.


Mcintosh RS150 wireless speaker

McIntosh isn’t a small brand of Bluetooth speakers – mainstream audio makers produce some of the best listening tools on planet Earth, from speakers to turntables and back again. The RS150 is their newest wireless speaker, combining convenient portability and connectivity with ridiculously good fidelity via a fluid-filled 20mm titanium dome tweeter and long-throw woofer that receives 120 watts, or the double of the previous model. Built-in streaming means the system is compatible with Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect, Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Chromecast, Roon Ready and more (all built into the app, to boot), and a digital counter mirrors that of McIntosh products. classic. If you’re looking to upgrade home audio systems, this is a great place to start.


Shinola x nordic sledge

Is an old-fashioned $ 850 slide handcrafted in Minnesota in a limited edition of 50 with on-trend details dictated by Shinola a little extravagant? Yes of course. Would it also be a total blast to wrap as many people as possible on that bad boy and bomb your local toboggan hill in style this winter? Yes of course.

Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder x LLBean Heritage Plaid Capsule

If you’re a fan of Todd Snyder’s collaboration with LLBean, a pattern purist, or both, you’ll want to grab their just dropped bison checkered capsule. We have sweaters, vests, boots, red and black bags and even a double-breasted wool overcoat which is the definition of a trendy piece. Sneakily, it’s also a collaboration with Pendleton, which supplies the woolen fabric. Please be aware that at the time of writing, some items are in stock and some are on pre-order.


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