Plans revealed for ‘underground pool, bar and snooker room’ in Yorkshire home


Plans have been submitted to Sheffield City Council for a house on Sandygate Park, Lodge Moor, to create the swimming pool and recreation area with skylights. The plan also aims to rebuild the garage to form a two-storey garage and storage area with living accommodation above, a replacement extension to connect the zinc clad buildings, a new rear exterior seating area and a new front boundary wall and gates.

A design statement submitted by JR Planning Consultants reads: ‘The proposed extensions and alterations have been architect designed to exceptionally high standards and would significantly improve the host accommodation without causing adverse impacts.’ The architects are Brightman Clarke.

The underground leisure suite is offered on the east side of the main house. Plans show a bar and relaxation area next to the pool, changing rooms, a billiard room with space for a 12-foot table, a “memory wall”, a cinema room and steam and sauna areas.

Plans submitted to Sheffield City Council for extensions to this house at Sandygate Park, Lodge Moor, Sheffield include an underground swimming pool, billiard room and cinema, along with the new boundary wall pictured

The garage would have two guest bedrooms and a bathroom above. The existing link between the buildings would be extended to create additional living spaces and provide access to a new landscaped seating area.

A report from the architects states: “The vast majority of the new space provided by the project is in the basement leisure suite. The body of this space is entirely below the existing ground level. Only a pair of skylights will be visible above ground level and the side garden above the leisure suite will be landscaped to a high standard.

“The leisure suite will have a completely neutral impact on the exterior appearance of the host accommodation. The existing triple garage must be dismantled and rebuilt. The new garage will be very similar in size and shape to the existing one, but will be narrower and slightly deeper.

“The garage should be constructed of stone to match the host dwelling and fully reflect the scale and appearance of the host dwelling.”

This plan submitted to Sheffield City Council by architects Brightman Clarke for the alteration of a house in Sandygate Park, Lodge Moor shows the layout of the proposed underground leisure area including a swimming pool, billiard room, cinema and a bar.
These images in plans submitted to Sheffield City Council by architects Brightman Clarke show views of the Sandygate Park house, Lodge Moor. Proposals include an underground recreation area featuring a swimming pool, billiard room, cinema and bar

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