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Whoever wrote “Golf is a good wasted walk” will be happy to know that there is very little walking in PGA Tour 2K23.

By jumping between shots and taking only the briefest moments to enjoy a spectacular shot into the hole from the green, you can complete an entire round of golf on painfully beautiful courses in less time than all it takes is to make your morning coffee. It is the most accessible golf course.

Timing is everything PGA Tour 2K23. Swing too fast and you’ll hook your shots, too slow and you’ll slice them. This adds another element to consider when lining up your shots, like throwing another chainsaw in an already incredibly dangerous juggling act. It all starts slowly. Your club selection, stroke type, direction, wind setting, draw or fade (which is a fancy way of describing a deliberate hook or slice) and club angle can all be carefully choose at your own pace. Then you start your backswing, and everything implodes in a fit of timing and coordination that would cripple an eight-armed person.

“Timing is everything in PGA Tour 2K23.”

Swing speed, power, and direction are all controlled by the typical back and forth motion of either thumbstick, and require your eyeballs to be locked on opposite sides of the screen to time to track comments in real time. Although to be fair, you could probably close your eyes and Leroy Jenkins the whole thing, as the controller vibration is a good enough trigger to let you know when your power is maxed out. Moving a thumbstick straight down and up in one fluid motion might seem like a simple concept, but you’ll soon realize that the sensitivity of these controls is pushed through the roof. If you’re not dead, you’ll find yourself in the trees, in the crowd, or most embarrassingly in the out-of-bounds area, forced to redo your incredibly well-thought-out but poorly executed shot. It’s a deadly combination of timing and precision that adds an extra skill factor to the game, so you’re not just hacking the ball and hitting perfect shots every time.

PGA Tour 2K23

It’s especially difficult when you’re playing mid-strength shots and trying to control the ball. Going too slow will cause you to absolutely miss your shot, which is very unbecoming of a professional tour golfer, causing the nice folks in the gallery to drop cookies in their tea in shock.

All of this comes with a huge caveat of course. You don’t need to use the joysticks to swing. The button press options are there for anyone who wants to be completely disengaged from the challenge and stress of virtual golf.

Before each career round, you are invited to challenge a rival in a head-to-head battle. Basically, it’s a scoreboard race to score the fewest shots for the round. The only problem is that the scale of your challengers can be very different. Playing GenericGolfer #57 should be no problem for anyone of any skill level, while going up against Bubba Watson or Ricky Fowler will destroy your confidence faster than John Daly eating a plate of chicken wings. The challenge’s sliding scale is randomly selected for each event and doesn’t really take into account your in-game experience points, skill level, or difficulty level. It is just what it is. It’s a bit strange walking the course for the first time to be paired with an absolute titan of an opponent.

PGA Tour 2K23

The course designer PGA Tour 2K23 is an excellent value. Allowing players to DIY their own local course or build something spectacular from scratch. Even at launch, there are already a fabulous variety of new courses shared by the community, including unlicensed ‘official’ courses, and some that appear to be removed from Greg Norman’s Course Design Workshop reject pile. . Either way, new challenges arise almost every day. It’s also a great feature because at launch it’s missing more than a few of the great courses. Luckily, dedicated community course designers are already bringing this content to the masses.

PGA Tour 2K23The comment by is also at the top. This is one of the most remarkable features that 2K can give any video game a real feel just by adding smooth, conversational feedback. Excellent coverage from Rich Beem, Luke Elvy, and Henni Koyack is light, contextual, and very rarely repetitive, making it feel like they’re really watching and analyzing your move game. Sometimes there are generic statements that could apply to anything, especially for terrible moves that disconnect, but the trick here is to make less terrible moves!

“PGA Tour 2K23The commentary by is also top notch.

Customization is another great feature of the game. You can earn in-game cash by completing challenges or use the microtransaction features to buy new clothes, clubs or kits to make your golfer look the way you want. . While cosmetic updates just bring that extra bling to the links, the ability to also customize your clubs with new heads, shafts, and grips can actually affect your game, maximizing some skills at the expense of others. You’ll need to carefully balance your choices so you don’t tip over and lose.

For the second time this year, you can play as Michael Jordan in a game. Surprisingly, this one has nothing to do with basketball, although there is also the option to play as Steph Curry. The moment they bring Giannis Antetokounmpo onto the fairway, leaping across the green to slam a tiny white golf ball into the cup, you’ll know they’ve gone too far this time.

PGA Tour 2K23 is a great golf sim that caters to your level of commitment/attention. It’s by no means relaxing, and it can be downright infuriating at times, but as anyone who’s ever strapped on a pair of golf spikes will tell you, that’s exactly the point. Golf is cathartic, and it certainly captures that experience.

PGA Tour 2K23 is available now on PS5, Xbox and

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