Pair Old Gear, New Tech, with Audio Pro Link 2 –


Aqipa brings the perfect solution for audiophiles overwhelmed with managing their growing collection of old and new audio equipment.

The Audio Pro Link2 has four inputs and three outputs: an RCA, coaxial, toslink, ethernet input and output, a USB port and a wireless input via WiFi and Bluetooth.

It offers a simple and smart hub for multiroom listening, with AirPlay2, Google Cast and Audio Pro’s own multiroom system, allowing you to easily switch from listening to vinyl to streaming audio from Spotify. Old stereo equipment and wireless multiroom systems can now merge.

“At a time when there is an increasing emphasis on extending the life of everything you buy in order to not burden the environment more than necessary, Link2 really seems like the right product” , says Jens Henriksen at Audio Pro.

“With this really smart solution, you can reuse your old stereo instead of throwing it away when you’ve invested in new speakers.”

link2 Main Pair Old Gear, New Tech, With Audio Pro Link 2

Link2 will be available at Australian retailers by the end of November.


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