Linn saves great savings on his Majik and Selekt all-in-one streamer amps


Advance Audio, the Australian distributor of legendary Scottish brand Linn, has announced significant savings to be made through the exchange of its integrated streaming solutions Majik DSM and Selekt DSM.

The special offer allows you to trade in any amplifier or streamer for the price of one of the three Linn DSM network music players below, to get the special price.

All the details and the form to access the offer can be found here.

Linn’s state-of-the-art modular network music players

The three Linn players featured in the special are the latest in the line of network music players from this Scottish company famous for its LP12 Sondek decks, as well as its early realization that streaming was the technology. from the future.

Just as LP12 vinyl replay reached new heights in the 1970s, Linn’s digital music players are the watermark of 21st century digital playback. With Studio Master quality streaming and unmatched versatility thanks to the modular expansion, the three players available through the trade-in offer all come with the included amplifier modules, making them true speaker solutions. to add.

DSM Exchange

(Image credit: Linn)

1: Linn Majik DSM integrated

Network music player, preamp and power amplifier all in one, with integrated phono stage, internal HDMI switch and other options available via optional modules. List price: AU $ 5,995

With the exchange, it’s now available for AU $ 4,700.

2: Linn Selekt DSM integrated

The next step above the Majik platform when it comes to sound quality, again a standalone all-in-one stereo streamer, preamp and power amp that can be expanded to other modules. List Price: AU $ 9,995.

With the exchange, it’s now available for AU $ 7,900.

3: Linn Selekt DSM integrated with Katalyst

The high-end model of the trade-in deal, the addition of Linn’s Katalyst DAC technology further increases the audio performance of this version of Selekt DSM over the Integrated standard.

This is the version we reviewed in Audio Esoterica magazine, when we concluded: “The Selekt DSM is an undisputed highlight in the development of Linn’s streaming products. This makes Linn’s front-end interface much easier to use with non-Linn speakers, while the external design and top button make its appearance more user-friendly for a larger customer base – less tech-industrial than the designs. previous ones.

“In the meantime, its modularity using upgrade ‘cartridges’ means that it is not only customizable to your initial needs, but is potentially scalable against changing needs and technology. In particular, it is the possibility of adding amplifiers to the basic pre-streaming. amp that is entirely new and makes it a product that can transcend categories, while providing a compact and powerful one-piece solution. Someday, and soon, we think, all Linn’s network players will be made this way …

The Linn Selekt DSM built into Katalyst has a suggested retail price of AU $ 12,495. With the exchange, it’s now available for AU $ 9,900.

All the details and the form to access the offer can be found here.

Remember that the offer is valid from September 6 to October 31, 2021.

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