Lewis Capaldi suffers another embarrassing interview mistake live on radio


LEWIS Capaldi accidentally revealed his home address during a live radio interview.

The singer was describing a £1.6million farm he bought on the advice of Ed Sheeran when he let the location of the property slip.


Lewis Capaldi accidentally gave his address during a live radio interviewCredit: Getty

The Someone You Loved star was trying to tell US radio station 104.3 MYfm that the house name was similar to one of Sheeran’s songs.

However, after presenters struggled to understand his Scottish accent, he gave the address repeatedly.

After realizing his mistake, Capaldi said: “By the way, that’s my address, I just gave my address.

“I just gave this to the American people.”

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Presenter Sean Valentine tried to reassure Capaldi that American fans would still have trouble finding the house.

Capaldi has told in a series of interviews how his dream house turned out to be a “hellhole”.

The star picked up the property two years ago after her friend Sheeran scoured the internet to find her a home.

However, after moving to the rural area on the outskirts of Glasgow, he found the place smelled of cigarette smoke and dog.

The Someone You Loved singer also hated the decor and soon decided to move to a flat in Glasgow.

Capaldi, 26, from Whitburn, West Lothian, is now having the property renovated before returning.

He said: “Ed Sheeran told me to buy this house and it’s absolute hell.

“We were talking during lockdown about how I wanted to move out of my parents’ house and he went online and looked at this place and it looked great.

“From the outside it is beautiful, there are sprawling hills, there is a lake.

“He didn’t realize it would smell of cigarette smoke and dog. I moved in and hated the decor, hated everything.

“I went to see it, but I was too impatient. I was like, ‘That smell of dog and smoke will go away after a while’, but it’s not. We destroyed this place and it still stinks the dog and smoke.”

He added: “I’ve made some bad decisions over the past two years and this was one of them.

“I’m redoing the house. Ed Sheeran should technically reimburse me for the money I have to pay for this.

“Ed is a property tycoon but he’s never bought a house in Scotland obviously because mine is terrible.”

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Earlier this year, Capaldi received permission to build an extension to the property which will include a swimming pool, changing rooms, spa and sauna.

The star had already been given the green light to turn former stables into an exercise room and gym.

His renovation plans also include a media room, home theater, expanded master bedroom and new kitchen.

Last month, Capaldi’s song Forget Me, the first single from his second album, went straight to the top of the charts.

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