Introducing Room Sonics – A New Company Aiming To Create Better Listening Environments


After a 15 year career with two of the UK’s largest professional audio manufacturers, Chris Allen has launched a new company – Room Sonics – providing room and speaker line optimization services that aim to help professionals of audio and high-end HiFi users to improve listening. experience in their studios and homes.

Understanding the relationship between the room, the speakers and the listener is the key to achieving high quality sound reproduction. With the Covid pandemic forcing more and more artists and producers to work independently, and often in acoustically challenging spaces, Allen recognized a growing need for independent room optimization and a speaker alignment service that would help clients achieve the best possible results.

“My career with the market-leading brands Prism Sound and PMC Speakers has given me a great deal of experience and in-depth knowledge of modern professional workflows and home HiFi installations,” he explains. “As an independent consultant, I provide genuinely unbiased advice to help solve many of the issues people face, especially when working and listening in spaces where acoustics and speaker setups fall short. ‘be ideal. “

With technical and commercial responsibilities at Prism Sound and PMC, Allen has worked with numerous world-class recording, mixing and post-production studios to specify, supply and order high-end audio equipment. Among them are the BBC, Dean Street Studios and Abbey Road in the UK, the Zhejiang Conservatory in China and Studio 301 in Sydney. He has also worked with many award-winning artists and producers such as Tommy Vicari and Greg Wells.

Allen intends to use his experience to help people find solutions that meet their needs, without necessarily incurring huge costs.

“Audio professionals – and many home HiFi users – invest a lot of money in instruments and equipment that have been beautifully designed to deliver musicality, a clean signal path and outstanding audio quality,” says- he. “However, the actual performance of this equipment is often limited by the room in which it is used. listeners’ arrangements and other challenges. Many of these problems can be easily overcome with the right advice and the right mitigation measures. It’s amazing how much improvement can be achieved through simple tweaks without the need for additional investment in more boxes or products.

Room Sonics uses recognized acoustic measurement software to identify problems and tailor solutions to fit customer needs and budget.

“Often all that is needed is a better setup in a given space for the speakers and the listening position,” says Chris Allen. “However, if a problem is particularly serious, Room Sonics can advise you on additional solutions such as acoustic treatment and recommend the best products to achieve the desired result. “

In addition to room optimization, Room Sonics also offers a full range speaker service suitable for post-production and music mixing, including voicing, gain matching, time alignment. and the integration of subwoofers for stereo, surround and immersive audio formats such as Dolby Atmos. .

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About room sounds
Room Sonics is an audio consulting firm specializing in on-site acoustic assessments, speaker alignment and sound optimization. The company provides independent and impartial advice that is not tied to any specific product or solution.

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