Homecoming Heroes: Behind the Scenes with Howard Staff


Enter the Cramton Auditorium and more than likely the first face you will see is that of Kim Bullock. Affectionately known to students over the years as “Miss B”, for more than 25 years, Bullock played a key role in producing the reunion.

“Coming home is such an inviting and exciting time,” Bullock said. “It’s great to see so many former students coming back. I saw some of them go to law school or medicine or open their own dance studio, and I was there to support them. Through marriages and having children, it has truly been a journey.

Although Bullock’s connection with former students transcends Homecoming events, Homecoming is often where important relationships are formed.

Kornerstone Productions, founded by a former Howard Del Sterling (BA ’93), has been supporting Homecoming and other Howard events for over 20 years. A true local Meccaverse hero, he got his start as a college student on Howard’s campus.

“We were one of the first companies to introduce screens and projections to the University,” Sterling said. “As a student at the School of Communications, I was shooting projects for the class and that’s really where the idea for Kornerstone was born.”

During Homecoming week, Sterling and his team can be found hours before an event setting up the audio and visual equipment. Their goal, Sterling says, is to be efficient and unobtrusive.

“We are like audiovisual ninjas. We always think about optics. When you enter an event, we want to make sure everything is working. No questions asked.

Alongside Sterling are a dynamic pair of Howard alumni who support the University’s video streaming for Kornerstone. Danielle and David Terrelonge, originally from Trinidad and Jamaica, met on the Howard campus while a student at the School of Business. They got married, stayed in DC, and supported countless college events over the years.

Needless to say, Howard’s universe wouldn’t be the same without the silent heroes who make it all possible.


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