HGTV’s hometown has finally been announced when season 7 will air, and there’s more good news for Ben and Erin Napier fans


Hometown wrapped its previous run of episodes in early April, so fans are, understandably, eager to find out when the HGTV hit will be back for Season 7. Although we do know that hosts/home improvement experts Erin and Ben Napier will actually be back on our screens this holiday season when they appear in their first Christmas movieviewers are in for a treat soon, as their popular series will soon premiere a new season, but there is also more good news for their fans.

When will Home Town season 7 air?

The Napiers have certainly kept busy since their show’s final season aired in early 2022, with Erin frequently posting on Instagram about everything from their daughter’s birthday why she took a little break from social media a few months ago, and the mother of two even publish a book and do her very first interview without her carpenter husband. However, those who like Hometown will always want more of the show that brought the industrious couple into our lives, and it was recently announced by Deadline that season 7 will arrive on HGTV on December 4!

We saw the duo help a number of people in their small town of Laurel, Mississippi find homes which they then went to great lengths to renovate and turn them into the perfect sanctuary for their clients, but the next set of episodes will put a little more emphasis on our hosts. They bought a country house a while ago, and viewers will be able to watch as they transform the space into something reminiscent of an English-style home for them to escape to when they need to relax with their young daughters.

While that’s wonderful news in itself, viewers expect even more from Ben and Erin, as the series has also received an order for 20 more episodes, which will air in 2023.

Now Lest You Think With Christmas Movie And Much More Hometown about the fact that these are all Napier-land updates, you should know that you are wrong. Although the franchise starting series won’t be back until early December, fans will also be able to see the couple on November 27, when Hometown: Christmas in Laurel tunes. The all-new hour-long special will feature the popular duo cooking up some of the beloved Southern dishes they love to cook especially for the holiday season, while revisiting what they consider to be their dining plans from most unforgettable house.

We don’t yet know what time their holiday special will air, but with so much new content coming from them over the next few weeks, it’s clear that anything will happen to Napier for the foreseeable future.


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