‘Heels’ S1, Ep. 8 – Examination of the “double tour”


It all comes down to this. The season finale of one of the most exciting new shows of the year, Heels. And the first moments begin with a reminder of the brotherhood of the Spades and their definition. We get another flashback of their father making an example of Jack in front of Ace. It’s easy to see why there has been this underlying protective nature that Jack (Stephen Amell) feels for Ace. This is immediately solidified with Jack and Ace coming through security after assaulting FWD owner Charlie Gully. The battle lines were drawn between the DWL and the FWD. Now, there is an overall tension hanging over the events of the season finale.

In the world of professional wrestling, “coming home” means ending the match. This is the last place leading to a finish before pinfall. If ever there was a phrase in the professional wrestling glossary to define the latest installment of Heels, it is “to come home”. All the drama, misunderstandings, betrayals, and backlash led to the biggest event in DWL history, the map being set at the Georgia State Fair. With that in mind, the team really seems to come together to put the promotion forward. Notably, Wild Bill attempted to collaborate with Crystal and asked her to be his valet for the big main event of the Triple Threat Ladder Match.

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Jack’s big plan for the big event is to turn the popular Wild Bill into a heel. Meanwhile, Ace will once again turn around and win the belt. A double turn is in one of those overwhelming moments where wrestlers and creative teams control the emotions of the audience. Famous, in 1996 at WrestleMania 13, Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin had arguably the biggest double tour in history. Entering the game as a promising player, Austin quickly shows another side of his character: courage and determination. Meanwhile, as a confident former world champion, Hart embraced a violent side and took his frustration out on Austin. Fortunately, the crowd caught on to what was going on and Stone Cold Steve Austin became one of the greatest faces in WWE history.

Outside the ring, Jack’s marriage collapses. Staci Spade (Alison Luff) has been one of the most captivating characters as she struggles to be a supportive wife while suffering from neglect. She successfully brings Jack back to earth when his anger soars. Famous, professional wrestlers, unfortunately, don’t have the greatest track record in their personal lives. Often their spouses and children are left at home while on the road to entertain the masses. Alcohol, drugs, and an addiction to money and fame cause strain in real families. It turns out that this heartbreaking truth is fully exposed in Jack and Staci’s life.

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What Heels best done is to show how the characters these men and women play in the ring affect who they are outside of it. With the crowd booing Ace, he treats the people around him badly. On the other hand, when the idea that he is turning his face looms on the horizon, he tries to redeem himself with those same people. Plus, Jack has been playing heel for so long that he’s starting to lose who he really is. Not to mention that it wreaks havoc on those close to him. All in all, while professional wrestling is often referred to as bogus by those who don’t watch or understand, Heels does an exceptional job creating a version of this fantasy world of monsters and heroes that feels incredibly real.

Rating: 10/10

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