Halsey’s supernatural performance has met with praise and audio complaints


Haley brought material from her new album If I can’t have love I want power To SNL to mixed reviews. Halsey did everything for the Saturday Night Live performance, but some perceived audio mixing issues sparked complaints on Twitter. The 27-year-old singer-songwriter delivered a rendition of her epic and bombastic track “I am not a woman, I am a god”. Her powerful output seemed to dominate the vocal mix at times, and it was not Halsey’s fault.

Some have complained that they could not enjoy the performance due to mixing issues. Others were at least intrigued by the sounds to seek out the studio version. Die-hard fans were simply in awe of Halsey’s outfit and accompanying dress, which were futuristic and made many comparisons to sci-fi properties. Scroll down to read some of the reactions to Halsey’s premiere SNL representation of the night.

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“Halsey gives me really good, 21st century Zenon girl, my sister,” another viewer wrote. Another added, “halsey looked so good on SNL and I’m so proud she’s performing so soon after giving birth, but uhhhh, that audio mix just wasn’t that.”

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