Game changers! A Year in the Game – 1998 – STACK


It was a great year for sequels, with one from Nintendo remaining a much-loved classic to this day, while SEGA launched its latest assault on the console space and a future gaming giant appeared for the first time. on the world stage…

In November, SEGA launched its latest console in Japan. Known as the Dreamcast, as well as state-of-the-art graphics, the powerful 128-bit unit featured many firsts for a home console, including a built-in modem and the VMU, a Tamagotchi-like device with an LCD screen and sound that connect to the controller. , acting as a memory card and enhancing various games. After a lackluster launch, and despite some 600 titles being released for the console, including some true classics, a change in direction saw SEGA abandon Dreamcast production in early 2001. It was to be the last brand new console released by the company.

Game Changers - Ocarina of Time

While many games were in their second iteration, Nintendo’s much-loved The Legend of Zelda launched its fifth series entry, The ocarina of time. It was Link and his friends’ first foray into the amazing world of 3D, via the Nintendo 64 system, but always with series co-creator Shigeru Miyamoto at the helm. The story saw Link stop the evil King Ganondorf, via a fun time travel mechanic. Players also had to have Link blow a strange melody on an ocarina to progress. Establishing many of the now-essential 3D adventure features, the game remains one of the highest rated of all time and an enduring favorite of many Nintendo fans.

Game Changers - Rockstar

Having started life as a BMG Interactive title created by powerful UK developers DMA Designs, Grand Theft Auto soon found itself with a new home in 1998, in the form of the newly formed Rockstar Games. The bold naming turned out to be pretty prophetic, with the GTA franchise at last count selling over 350 million units, making it the fifth most successful game franchise of all time (behind Tetris , Call of Duty, Super Mario and Pokemon). Other Rockstar hits include games Red Dead, Max Payne and Midnight Club, alongside bully and The black.


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