From Beyond the Iron Curtain: Fezz Audio Brings Polish Hi-Fi to America


The 2022 Warsaw Audio/Video Show just ended less than a week ago and it’s a show we plan to attend in 2023. Having been to Poland twice since 1995 when I took part in ” March of the Living”, it is a country with a very promising future. As we saw with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Poland has become the leader of Eastern Europe and this goes far beyond geopolitical events.

Poland’s growing industrial and manufacturing base spans multiple industries, including consumer electronics. My family lived in Poland for more than 2 centuries before WWII, and the country is full of talented engineers and entrepreneurs who never really had a chance to succeed abroad – until now.

The end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Iron Curtain brought more than just political freedom to Eastern Europe and the Balkans; he created an environment conducive to entrepreneurship and design innovation that had a profound impact on the region’s culture and economic future.

The creation of a new middle class fueled demand for Western consumer goods, but more importantly, led to investments in domestic start-ups that proved able to compete with well-established brands from America, Western Europe and Asia. Companies like Fezz Audio who exceeded all possible expectations.

Fezz Audio Factory

blue bird musicdistributor of fine audio products since 2000, is pleased to announce its appointment as US distributor of Fezz Audio amplifiers.

Fezz Audio is an Eastern European manufacturer of exceptional vacuum tube amplifiers, preamps and integrated amps. Fezz offers amplifiers in single-ended and push-pull configurations, allowing customers to choose their preference and pair speakers with the most suitable amplifier.

Fezz’s single-ended amps are the first in the world to feature toroidal output transformers, which preserve the unique character of SE amps while optimally coupling their limited output power to the speakers.

The quality of tube amplifiers is largely determined by the quality of its output transformers, and Fezz is a sister company of Toroidy, supplying high quality toroidal transformers to a number of well-known manufacturers.

The unique relationship with Toroidy provides Fezz with superb quality power and output toroidal transformers designed specifically for their amplifiers at a lower cost than regular transformers from outside vendors.

Fezz Audio Mira Ceti 300B
Fezz Audio Mira Ceti 300B Single Ended Class A (2 x 8W)

Why toroidal transformers? Toroidal power transformers have much lower flux leakage and less radiated energy than standard EI laminated transformers. This ensures that sensitive circuitry will not pick up noise from the power supply. Fezz’s toroidal output transformers provide extended bandwidth, flat frequency response, and low distortion; a patented winding process guarantees uniformity.
“Fezz amplifiers are equal to or better than many well-known brands, at very attractive prices,” said Jay Rein, president of Bluebird Music. “We believe that Fezz amps will be accepted and appreciated by both dealers and audiophile end users. They are beautifully made, sound great and are priced right.

Price and availability

Fezz Audio offers three push-pull Class AB integrated amplifiers priced between $2,395 and $3,495, three single-ended Class A integrated amplifiers priced between $3,995 and $4,995, as well as phono stages , headphone amplifiers and separate components.

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ALPHA LUPI PCL86 Push Pull Class AB (2 x 10W) $2395
PRESTIGE LUNA SILVER EL34 Push Pull Class AB (2 x 35W) $2995
TITANIUM KT88 Push Pull Class AB (2 x 45W) $3495
MIRA CETI 300B 300B Class A unbalanced (2 x 8 W) $3995
MIRA CETI 2A3 2A3 Class A unbalanced (2 x 3 W) $3995
LYBRA 300B 300B parallel unbalanced class A (2 x 15 W) $4995
TOROS 5060 Integrated solid-state amplifier (65 W at 8 Ohms) $2249
OMEGA LUPI PCL86 Push Pull Class AB Headphone Amplifier $2295
GAÏA MINI MM 53dB gain, 46k Ohms input impedance $339
GAIA MM PHONO 53dB gain, 46k Ohms input impedance $499
GAIA MM/MC PHONO 53dB gain, 46k Ohms input impedance $849

For more information: | product brochure (pdf)

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