First-ever Eco-Fest is coming to Huntsville Public School


Huntsville Public School (HPS) will host its first-ever Eco-Fest this weekend.

More than 50 local vendors, presenters and workshops will be on the school grounds with sustainable products, foods and information from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, hosted by the HPS Parent School Council.

Council chairman Stasi O’Hare said it was a way to let the community know what was going on.

“We wanted a place that would bring these types of people together, so the community would know where to go to get natural insect repellent, where to go to learn about the environment, the watershed, [or] as easy as a local craft vendor,” says O’Hare. “These craft vendors keep money in our economy, and their environmental footprint is quite small, so we encourage artisans and food producers to get out there and get involved.”

O’Hare says vendors come from all over Muskoka, with presentations from environmental groups and experts, including from the District of Muskoka. Local musician Sawyer Lance will provide live music.

“It will be an opportunity for them to see how they can make a difference,” O’Hare says of the attendees. Each person can make a difference by trying to control our carbon footprint, by trying to make this planet a safer and better place. Because if we don’t have hope and we don’t work towards this stuff, then the future looks bleak, and that’s definitely not what we want to talk about with our kids.

She adds that it’s important to start the conversation about the environment early.

“There’s a school full of kids there who are very excited about the event,” O’Hare said. “It aligns with the values ​​we have as a parent council and what we want our kids to have in terms of being responsible to the planet.”

According to O’Hare, funds raised from the event will go directly to HPS, to buy things like smart boards, audio equipment and sports equipment.

She adds that admission is free and anyone who comes is entered to win several door prizes, including vouchers for a basketball camp, mini-putt and goat rides.

More information can be found on the event website.


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