Finally, Gamechanger Audio’s Bigsby-in-a-pedal is now available for purchase


Bigsby Audio Gamechanger Pedal

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Gamechanger Audio’s collaboration with Fender, the Bigsby Pedal, is now officially on sale. We covered it last year in June 2021 when it was announced to be coming. Now you can buy one, finally!

Bigsby Pedal

This Bigsby Pedal simulates vintage vibrato and was developed by Game changer audio from Latviain collaboration with Wingwho owns the Bobby brand. This recreation, however, goes far beyond a subtle shimmer of a vintage vibrato. In fact, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You also don’t have to modify your favorite guitar and screw in a big piece of metal to use it.

Shaped like a vintage tremolo

Shaped like a vintage tremolo

Polyphonic pitch shifter and more

It has different modes, including the polyphonic pitch shifter effect, and can achieve Chorus like effects and much more. The heart of the Bigsby pedal is a SHARC audio processor, plus a bunch of custom code written by the Gamechanger Audio team. The pedal has controls for Rate, To mix together, Yourand Depthand the main on springs rocker pedal in the shape of a real vintage Bigsby tremolo. I like that the LED-illuminated multifunction buttons show intensity through brightness and fashions through color.

Main characteristics

  • Automatic mode allows an LFO to control pitch while you manipulate the pedal to control depth.
  • MIX command gives you access to a dynamic chorus and harmonizing sounds.
  • DETUNE Control emulates the tuning instability of vintage hardware vibrato
  • Eternal pedal input so that users can access a lock mode for pitch shifter, octave, detuneand Chorus functions
  • 12 semitone pitch changes in both ways
  • Expression output gives the pedal control over other audio equipment
  • Flip the switch to choose the direction of pitch change
  • Lock button ability to prevent accidental setting of parameters
  • Full MIDI CC and Computer control on the settings, as well as preset recalland clock synchronization.
  • 10 user preset slots accessible via MIDI PC.
Back panel and controls

Back panel and controls

New videos

When this pedal was officially announced last year, most of these parameters had yet to be fully revealed. Today Gamechanger Audio also released Part 1 and Part 2 videos on how to use the Bigsby pedal. You can see them below. They really extend what this pedal is capable of. Definitely worth a look in my opinion.

I own them Plasma Pedal and it is a very strong and sturdy unit. Therefore, I expect this pedal to be very well made. This company already makes some great and very unique effects. So I can see that this new one is popular with a lot of musicians. Especially if you want to recreate the undulations of a vintage vibrato, but don’t want to mess up your precious guitar. Plus, it has modes to mimic vintage vibratos, but goes way beyond that effect alone, making it a great deal because you can use it on all types of instruments, not just guitars. guitars.

With a subtle Sparkling Fifties Vibratoup to one My dear love the tremolo arm vibrates and beyond that, the new Bigsby pedal has you covered.

RRP – 379 EUR

More information on Game changer audio

Official Bigsby Pedal Demo Videos


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