Building on the success of its new digital pianos, electronic drum sets, and DST Family Series electric guitars, Donner was poised to deliver more innovative products with new technologies and advanced materials, including:

The Carbon Fiber Series String Instruments – Several new carbon fiber instruments join Donner’s growing line of MI products and can be demonstrated at this year’s NAMM. Donner carbon fiber instruments including guitars, violins and ukuleles (launching in early July) are made using an innovative new manufacturing technique allowing Donner to deliver extremely precise instruments that are thinner , more durable and stable than traditional wooden counterparts, while providing a clear and mellow tone. Donner’s design team has improved resonance by 35% over other carbon fiber guitars and also engineered a new improved classic tone that is brighter with a fuller low end.

Donner DMI Smart Guitar – Donner will unveil the world’s first true smart guitar at NAMM 2022. The DMI smart guitar uses premium materials to create classic sound while helping you master the scales and chords needed to improve your playing. Solid AAA spruce top, laminated mahogany body and convenient software platform help beginner players learn guitar easily. The DMI Smart Guitar will be officially launched at the end of 2022, but visitors to NAMM will have the opportunity to take a look.

Donner Music app (included) – As part of their mission to enable beginning musicians to realize their musical dreams, all new Donner instruments include the Donate music app offering free music lessons in collaboration with the Berklee College of Music.

In addition to the above, Donner will showcase up to 10 new products featuring new technologies or materials, including:

In addition to revealing new products with state-of-the-art materials, Donner will be showcasing its line of best-selling star products at Anaheim which have brought great value and high quality to the global market, including:

DST Family Series Electric Guitar. Donner’s DST family features several series for guitarists at different stages of their career. With surprising performance of superb tone and value, you can start the music journey at a fast pace. Being the most important member of the family, the DST-400 guitar, which announced its debut at NAMM Believe in Music 2022, features a premium alder body with classic tones. The PUSH-PULL knob produces the single coil sound with incredible clarity and no loss in volume. Featuring a 2-point tremolo system with cold rolled steel block, this guitar gives you more sustain and playability. HSS pickups produce 7 classic sounds for a rich musical experience. With its C-shaped neck contour and meticulous construction, the DST-400 is a reliable choice for players looking for greatness.

Donner Yellow Fall Analog Delay Pedal. Possibly the best guitar delay pedal on the market for 10 years, the Donner Yellow Fall Analog Delay Pedal is a compact all-analog delay pedal that reproduces a warm, natural vintage analog delay sound.

Donner DDP-80 Digital Piano. The DDP-80 combines the quality of a classic piano with the aesthetics of a modern home to deliver a realistic acoustic piano playing experience. The fully weighted 88 action keyboard simulates the acoustic piano, accurately expressing the subtle touch of each finger – heavier response in the lower register and progressively lighter in the upper register. The DDP-80 also features midi controls and a headphone jack, making it a perfect addition to any home studio.

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