Cinema room ideas: 9 cinema spaces to watch TV with the family


A movie theater is the ultimate luxury. However, the days of drab or dated movie theater lounges or unsightly black boxes crammed into the corners of living or family rooms are over. Movie theater ideas these days are all about luxury, comfort, and style, and yes, it is possible to combine all of these decadent qualities in one space.

There’s no need to sacrifice style when designing an entertainment center for the whole family. There are many versatile TV stand ideas and designs to choose from that can best fit into your home and work with your existing living room TV ideas or in a new space entirely.

Movie Theater Ideas

We’ve curated a selection of beautiful solutions to create a home theater scheme you can be proud of, whether alongside existing family room TV ideas, or as a standalone space that rivals even the best. movie theater.

1. Use LED lighting for a subtle glow

white lounge/TV/cinema room with LED lighting on top, off-white sectional, yellow and monochromatic throws and cushions

(Image credit: Zulufish)

“A dedicated movie theater is a really fun space for the family,” says Caroline Milns, interior design manager at Zulufish (opens in a new tab). “Lighting is essential and this smart lighting system with dimmable LEDs around the ceiling and additional wall lights on the lower level, offers great flexibility, providing different moods as required.

“Storage is equally important and bespoke built-in units with plenty of space will ensure the cinema room remains clutter-free with all cabling and cabling concealed in plain sight, ensuring the focus is purely on enjoyment of the movie. For ultimate comfort, why not opt ​​for a larger sectional style with a few throws and cushions for an extra layer of comfort.

2. Treat yourself to the ultimate seating experience

double recliners with beverage cart, mats

(Image credit: KING Living)

“As far as the future of home theater is concerned, these luxurious recliners are complemented by the versatile media consoles,” says KING Living Design Studio (opens in a new tab).

‘Sitting between two King Cloud V sofa pods, the media consoles can store subwoofers and other devices. Accompanying premium visuals and comfort, sound can both be heard and felt through the seats, providing a multi-dimensional home theater experience.

3. Create a cozy space with dark walls

cinema room with navy blue sectionals, gray patterned ottoman, hardwood floor, wall sconces, blind, accent pillows

(Image credit: AMC Design)

“Perfect for family nights, a movie theater should be a warm, inviting space that embodies comfort and relaxation,” says Ann Marie Cousins, interior designer and founder of AMC Design. (opens in a new tab). “Dark colors paired with dark walls are a great way to make a room feel cozy, and dark walls can seamlessly hide the TV when you want to relax with a book, for example.”

“Although this is a smaller movie theater, opt for a large oversized section that offers generous seating for family and friends, comfortable enough to spend hours at a time. Don’t forget good blackout blinds or curtains for more ambiance.

4. Wrap yourself in tactile textures and patterns

green cinema room with sectional and patterned button-back rug, wooden walls, green throw pillows

(Image credit: Samantha Todhunter Design)

This movie theater in Aspen was created for the family to spend time together, a chance to wrap the room in a cocoon of welcoming textures and create an incredibly indulgent and relaxing space.

“The custom Todd Merrill Studio sofa has been upholstered in an emerald velvet by Dedar that plays on The Rug Company’s rug,” says Samantha Todhunter, Founder and Creative Director of Samantha Todhunter Design. (opens in a new tab). “The artwork is by Ian Ross.”

5. Match your home theater to your existing interior style

cinema room with wooden elements, blue accents, bookcase, white sectional, blue carpet, blue ottomans/coffee tables, exterior view, window blinds

(Image credit: House of One/Lifestyle Production Group)

Combining two decorating styles means paying attention to decorative details. “I wanted this theater to be both fun and luxurious. Shades of dark blue make the room feel lush and blend in with the rest of the decor in the home,” says Brittany Farinas, CEO and Creative Director of House of One Interior Design. (opens in a new tab).

6. Use Cinema-Style Seating

cinema room with cinema style seating, gray carpet, wall sconces, green walls, green velvet armchairs, coffee table, cushions, artwork

(Image credit: Mel Bean Interiors/Laurey Glenn)

The focal point of every space, these movie theater seats will provide a comfortable retreat for tired feet and an indulgent vantage point for TV-watching pleasure, so finding the perfect seat for the space is essential.

“Make sure you arrange your chairs at a slight angle to create a sense of depth in the room, as pictured here, otherwise if you place all the seats against the walls, you might end up with a cramped ‘bowling alley’ look,” explains Mel Bean, lead interior designer at Mel Bean Interiors (opens in a new tab).

7. Opt for an Art Deco-inspired theme

cinema room with velvet sofas, wallpaper, black walls and ceiling, soft footstool, tray, prints on the walls, wall sconces

(Image credit: Divine Savages/Arianna Danielson)

‘We love seeing our Divine Savages Crane Fonda Wallpaper in Charcoal (opens in a new tab) at Arianna Danielson (opens in a new tab) Home cinema. She wanted something luxurious and a bit extravagant with an overall Art Deco vibe.

‘With black sofas and dark dark walls, our monochrome wallpaper provides a stylish and playful contrast to the lower half of the walls, making the room look just as good when the lights are on, adding the perfect touch of Art Deco to his cinema. space,” says Jamie Watkins, co-founder of Divine Savages (opens in a new tab).

8. Adapt the space you have

An open-plan living room with a sunken seating area and a black spotlight on the ceiling

(Image credit: Simon Brown)

‘This open-plan living room has a sunken space which can be used for daily relaxation, however there is also a ceiling mounted projector which means it can be transformed into a fabulous cinema room when it gets dark – a great interior design tip to consider if you don’t have the space for a dedicated movie theater,” says Lucy Searle, Global Editor, Homes & Gardens.

9. Integrate your TV into the design

large cinema room in converted barn, beams, glitter ball, tv/media center, deer heads, seating

(Image credit: Kelling Designs)

“Cinema and media rooms are becoming increasingly popular in design projects, they are spaces where customers can gather with loved ones to watch their favorite box sets or movies,” says Emma Deterding, Founder and Creative Director by Kelling Designs. (opens in a new tab). “Where before televisions were often hidden away, they are now part of the design plan, with modern designs being works of art in their own right – some even have the option of displaying artwork or photos family when not in use.”

“We’ve found that any size TV is fine as long as space is available and in movie theaters we tend to fit anything from 75″ to 90”. It’s all about dedicating a wall to the TV or a projector if you have the space and to include some really comfy seating in. We see customers opting for very deep and comfy sofas and armchairs rather than theater style seating to create a look more stylish and relaxed that can accommodate the whole family.


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