Chord Anni is a small desktop amplifier for headphones and speakers


Chord has incorporated its proprietary Ultima amplifier technology into its smallest design to date. The Anni is the company’s very first desktop integrated amp, capable of delivering 10 watts of amplification to headphones and speakers through its 3.5mm, 6.35mm, and banana speaker outputs.

The Anni builds on the Ultima circuit topology found in Chord’s high-end mono and stereo amplifiers. With its recently announced dual feed forward error correction circuit topology, Chord claims that Anni’s amplification can match any headphone load, while a two-stage gain control for the highs. -speakers has been implemented to accommodate a wide range of desktop monitors.

Anni Accord

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The new desktop amp is part of Chord’s Qutest line alongside the Qutest DAC and the Huei phono stage – which together form “an unparalleled desktop audio solution” according to Chord. An aesthetic match with her Qutest siblings, featuring an aluminum enclosure (in a black finish only this time) and colorful, full-color control spheres, Anni is compatible with the QSS (Qutest Stand System) modular equipment rack from the company.

Additionally, the Anni, which itself is powered by a 15V power supply, has a 12V DC output that can power its siblings when used with the new supplied Qutest range power adapter.

The Chord Anni is available later this month, priced at £ 1,195. And you can read our dinky desktop amplifier review before the end of the week.


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