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Protecting biodiversity for people and the planet

Species loss and the degradation of global biodiversity threaten the air, water and food supplies we all depend on. PacBio provides the world’s most sophisticated multitomic technologies to explore biological complexity and arm conservation initiatives with the best possible data to preserve our living world.

HiFi sequencing can be used to build and phase the most detailed reference genomes possible, from blue whales to individual cells. Additionally, accurate long reads are capable of characterizing entire biological communities with metagenomics and HiFi metabarcoding techniques. 5mC methylation detection lets you see the gene activity of any organism with astonishing clarity without any changes to the library preparation.

The Iso-Seq method brings the length and precision of HiFi sequencing to transcriptomics for improve your understanding of gene expression and how organisms respond to their ecological contexts.

Combined, these technologies give biodiversity experts the ability to better understand the ecological and conservation needs of any species. So detailed multiomics information may even hold promise for improving human health through bioprospecting and can serve as guard against extinction.


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