Apple kills the iPod after 21 years


Apple dropped the iPod brand 21 years after its arrival.

The 7th Gen iPod Touch, which has been the only iPod model on shelves since the discontinuation of the Nano (7th Gen) and Shuffle (4th Gen) in 2017, will only be available “while supplies last. “.

The iPod brand is the oldest to be discontinued by Apple, so it’s fair to say that the company’s announcement marks the end of an era. And what a time it was!

“Today, the spirit of iPod lives on,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing. is discovered, listened to and shared.”

When the iPod Touch turned 18 in 2019 – the year the 7th generation model launched, and six years after the original classic iPod, we watched our review of Apple’s very first iPod back in 2002. may remember that the first iPod only worked with Apple Macs (Apple would avoid Windows PCs until 2004) and, of course, used a proprietary connector (back then it was called “Firewire”) . We weren’t impressed with its paltry 5GB capacity either. And yet, with its pleasantly readable backlit display and comfortable, good-quality bundled headphones, not to mention its competitive sound quality, we concluded that the iPod was “a simple, delicious device that looks and sounds the business.”

Of course, groundbreaking sales followed, as did a stream of best-selling Classic, Mini, Nano, Shuffle and Touch models – 26 iterations over the 21 years – that echoed popularity and recognition in popular culture. which Sony’s Walkman benefited from in the 80s. Heck, it almost single-handedly pushed people to listen to music away from their CDs and cassettes and to share digital audio files. Whether it’s (or soon will be) gone marks the end of an important race (and obviously puts any thoughts on a future iPod that supports Apple Music’s high-res streams to bed!)

What’s left of the budget portable music player market is, to say the least, modest, with the iPod Touch dying at a time when no new “affordable” Sony walkman has been launched in years. Perhaps inevitably, it seems everyone’s dedicated music player is finally bowing down to the do-it-all phone once and for all.

Still, long live those exquisite-sounding high-res players in the high end, huh?


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