Advance Best Selling Walmart Deals for Days Event


As Amazon Prime Day approaches, you can start getting deals right now, and not just on Amazon. If you prefer the convenience of curbside pickup, Walmart’s Deals for Days sale may be a great option.

The retailer’s sale officially begins on Sunday, June 20, but we’re already seeing some great deals. This is due, in part, to Best Buy’s Bigger Deal savings event, which started a full week before Prime Day. Most of Best Buy’s deals and discounts are already available on Amazon, Target, and Walmart, giving you the freedom to shop wherever you want while getting the same great prices.

Consumer Reports will monitor sales at Walmart and other major retailers to help you find great prices on great products. Bookmark and check out our Prime Day hub for all the latest deals. We look at more than the discount to determine what makes a good deal, including our test results and owner satisfaction surveys, so you can buy what you need with confidence. (Note: Can’t see Walmart’s price below? Click “+ More” to expand an offer.)

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• Activity trackers and smart watches
• Headphones
• Health and hygiene
• Small kitchen appliances
• Tablets
• televisions
• Vacuum cleaners and robotic vacuum cleaners

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