Aavik, Ansuz and Børresen system from Next Level HiFi

Now under the umbrella of Audio Group Denmark, Aavik electronics, Ansuz cabling and accessories, and Børresen loudspeakers gave an impressive display in several rooms on the 5th floor of the Hilton, sponsored by Next Level HiFi from the greater Chicago area.

The first (for me) of the Next Level HiFi rooms was dominated by Børresen Z1 Cryo monitors ($14,500/pair; above), Aavik’s U180 Class-D integrated amplifier with DAC ($10,800; below) and S180 streamer ($7200; below), and Ansuz cabling, XTC power switch (an Ethernet switch with noise reduction – $2600) and XTC Mainz 8 power distributor ($1900 ). During a live performance from Berlin of “Electrified II”, the near-field soundstage was extremely exciting and engaging, the sound a little dry and bass quite good for a system made up of components that were cheaper than other equipment in the market. ‘Audio Group Denmark.

“Anything that can be cryo-processed is cryopreserved for 72 hours at our own facility,” I was told. I think the process raises the price of the speakers which contain Børresen’s own planar ribbon tweeters and woofers, a patented motor system, titanium voice coils and a special metal composite. “We avoid aluminum because it creates hysteresis,” Peter Hansen of Audio Group Denmark said as he led me to a table in the hallway that displayed the speaker’s internals and gave me a graphical display of the speaker. hysteresis.


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