Loan for Companies or Business Loans

Share-Loan publishes loans for companies, whether startups or companies in operation, with a minimum of 6,000 euros, analyzes them and puts a rating, approves and is financed in its entirety by an “Initial Subscriber”. At the moment it is not properly registered in the CNMV as a crowdlending company, since its business model does not fit with the crowdfunding regulations of loans from Spain.

In addition to business loan crowdfunding, Share-Loan offers lines of credit and promissory note financing to companies that need money for their working capital.

After Share-Loan has analyzed the company’s financing application

After Share-Loan has analyzed the company

Approved and rated it with a certain rating, these loans are published in a Marketplace as if it were a secondary market in the style of a company loan Exchange. Through a bidding system fintech investors can buy shares in them, with a minimum of 50 euros per operation, and, generally, with a fixed interest rate that is established when the auction begins.

Share-Loan offers three types of loans exclusively for companies:

  • Working capital loans: With a term of up to 24 months to pay back in quarterly installments or at maturity.
  • Credit lines: Short term, 60 or 180 days, to be returned at maturity.
  • Promissory note financing: Also in the short term, 30 to 180 days, to be returned at maturity.

Interest rates updated to March 2019.

Share-Loan financing reviews from our experts

Share-Loan financing reviews from our experts

With Share-Loan you can get financing for all kinds of activities, with quick response, and once the operation is approved you will have the financing guaranteed by an initial subscriber.

On the negative side, it only finances short-term projects and not other needs that companies may have, such as the purchase of fixed assets. Today’s Share-Loan is not registered with the CNMV as a participatory financing platform, since its business model does not fit the crowdfunding modality of loans regulated in Spain as of February 2019.

If you are a company that decides to ask for money on credit At Share-Loan it is important that a lawyer advise you properly to ensure that the loan agreement, credit line or the discount of promissory notes is in accordance with the law in force at the time of signature.