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The first Good Finance loan of up to EUR 300 is available free of interest and with a 0% commission. Refund within 30 days exactly as you picked up.

Borrowing is subject to a standard commission fee (as per price list). Additional information on other loans can be found on the Credit home page. Examine your refund options. Employees are responsible.

How to get a Good Finance quick loan?


  • Fill out the loan application at any time (click on the “Receive money” button), specifying your desired amount and term (money transfers to your account are only during business hours). Be sure to read the terms of the contract and the terms of cooperation included in it, possible costs.
  • After registration, 1 cent must be transferred to the Good Finance account. This will serve as proof of your identity. Remember, you can only get credit in your personal bank account.
  • The credit specialists will evaluate the data provided in the application, as well as check the details of your taxes paid and the credit records. If necessary, you will be required to send a bank account statement for the last six months. If the decision is positive, the clients of Swedbank, Citadele and Luminor (formerly DNB, Nordea) will receive the money in the account within 15 minutes after approval of the loan application. Customers who have an account with another credit institution have to take into account that it may take longer to receive the money.

Conditions of eligibility


The basic requirements for lending money are very simple:

  • age 20-75 years;
  • has its own bank account, email, mobile phone;
  • have regular income;
  • there are no overdue payments or credit obligations to other companies.

The customer is responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the information. Data validation takes place in the Internet environment by connecting to SSIA databases, which include information on taxes paid and benefits received. If necessary, the company may ask for a bank account statement to verify the customer’s solvency. To obtain a loan, the amount of income must be commensurate with the size of the loan. Soho credit supports responsible borrowing and does not lend money to people without officially verified income.

Understanding customers’ needs for quick money transfers, the company does not require clients to provide a workplace certificate, a pledge or a guarantor. The simplicity of the loan application procedure is one of the reasons why fast loans have become so popular in Latvia. By filling out an online application, you can be sure that no documents will be brought to the company and everything will be settled online.

Cost of the loan

Cost of the loan

In the short term, the first loan is interest-free, but borrowing will have to pay a commission of 8.8% per month (APR 179.03%). In the event of late payment, Good Finance may charge default interest (0.1% per day, up to a maximum of 36% of the outstanding loan principal per year). If you have problems with the loan repayment on time, SIA “Soho Group” offers an opportunity to extend the term (paid service).

Illustrative Cost Examples:

  • Get your first credit of € 300 for 30 days. Repay on time 300 eur.
  • Get a second credit of € 300 for 30 days. Repayment within the prescribed time limit 326.40. eur.
    – Daily interest rate – 0,29%
    – Commission expressed as a percentage – 107.07%
    Commission – € 26.40

When applying for a loan, you can see all the costs in the loan calculator (these costs are detailed in the contract). Keep in mind that debtors can be sued (through the courts or through debt collection companies) and names can be entered in debtors’ registers. To prevent this from happening, it is essential to repay the loan within the agreed term.

Key Benefits

  • interest free loan up to 300 eur (for new clients for 30 days).
  • fast credit processing and receipt (within 15 minutes after approval of the application, within one bank, during business hours).
  • opportunity to apply for a higher credit limit by borrowing again.
  • the transaction is processed and the money is received online (no need to go to the company office).
  • no purpose of spending money is required.