The 3 best tricks to pay less for a personal loan

Personal loans have many benefits, but some institutions have practices that affect the economy of the borrowers, charging a lot of interest and forcing them to pay for quite some time; The aforementioned then causes the loan at the end of the day to be really expensive (we talked about it in our article “Little […]

Loan for Companies or Business Loans

Share-Loan publishes loans for companies, whether startups or companies in operation, with a minimum of 6,000 euros, analyzes them and puts a rating, approves and is financed in its entirety by an “Initial Subscriber”. At the moment it is not properly registered in the CNMV as a crowdlending company, since its business model does not […]

Ways to Save Home Money | Credits

The following methods can be used on any day of the week, but it is best to start practicing them at the weekend. Read all the points and try to apply at least a few of them, and if you notice that you have begun to spend less your household money, then you are on […]

How to exchange money abroad

You will probably be the first to think of currency exchange offices. You are in tourist destinations at every step. But you should avoid those at airports and train stations . They often have higher odds because they expect you to exchange money at the last minute. If you have time, walk through a few […]

Student saving tips | Loans

As a student, money is known to be tight, especially now that housing support has been cut. Distributing the remaining study grants between food, living, and celebration can be difficult for even the most devout stranger. As a result, saving tips can be worth as much as a pound of gold to a student, so […]